Harness Use Cases

Continuous Delivery, infinite possibilities. From empowering devs to enhancing customer experiences, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish with DevOps tools from Harness.

Self-Service CD for Developers

DevOps tools that democratize deployments and let your developers deploy on-demand at anytime versus out of hours or at the weekend.

“With Harness, we were able to enable self-service CD for 50 developers in five countries.”

Andrey BudzarDirector of DevOps, LineData

“We migrated several applications and services between cloud provider regions in hours with no downtime.”

Nick WilsonTechOps Lead, GoSpotCheck

Migration to Public Cloud

Lift & Shift, Re-Platform or Onboard New Services, we’ll help you get ship done.

Kubernetes Deployments

Build and Templatize Kubernetes pipelines in minutes. Our DevOps tools provide full Support for Helm, Istio, Blue/Green & Canary deployments.

“We’ve saved 125 hours a week deploying hundreds of microservices with Harness Continuous Delivery.”

Justin HartPlatform Architect, iBotta

“By moving off Jenkins, we were able to reduce deployment time by 75%”

Javier RosHead of Architecture, OpenBank

Scaling Beyond Jenkins Pipelines

Reduce TOIL, Scripting & Plugin Hell with Harness Continuous Delivery.

Spinnaker Not Enough

Want a simple, easy to install, easy to use enterprise-ready CD platform? Try Harness.

“We evaluated open source solutions, but only Harness was built from the ground up for Kubernetes and microservices.”

Jishnu KinwarVP Tech Ops, Vuclip

“We reduced onboarding time for Kubernetes services from 96 weeks to 72 hours.”

Jeremy MalaraConsumerTrack

Monolith to Microservices

The old days of having DevOps or an entire Build & Release team babysit deployments is gone.

DevSecOps – Governance

Want a simple, easy to install, easy to use enterprise-ready CD platform? Try Harness.

“Finally we had our secrets under one roof, instead of spread across multiple repositories.”

Jacob MartinSr. Software Engineer, Home Depot

With Harness, deployment time went from 10-12 hours to 30 minutes.

Kyle FlavinStaff Software Engineer, LogMeIn

Want to get ship done?
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