Harness Feature Flags

Feature flags with intelligence and automation


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How Harness Feature Flags Works

Simpler, faster, more intelligent feature delivery for developers. Ship more features with less risk.

Automated Feature Flag Pipelines

Build flexible pipelines that bring together testing, scheduling, approval, and notifications. Integrate into existing workflow tools like Jira and Slack and automate the whole process.

Create reusable feature release templates to standardize across features and reduce developer toil across applications, services, and teams.

Simple & Advanced Flag Configurations

Use boolean flags for simple feature toggles, or use multivariate flags for more complex scenarios. 

Securely manage feature exposure and dependencies across any user group, region, cluster, or environment.

Governance, Administration, and Auditing Across CI/CD and Feature Flags

Gain visibility, analytics, and governance from first commit to post-deployment rollout. Avoid rework with global governance, shared environments, permissions, and granular RBAC in a single control pane.

Extend CI/CD into Feature Flag pipelines for seamless end-to-end workflows and visibility.

Support for Every Major Language

Secure, Performant and Scalable

Architected for real-time streaming updates and low latency. Built to never be a performance or security risk for any customer applications.

  • Real-time streaming architecture with sub-500ms response time
  • RBAC and audit logs provide end-to-end granular control and visibility 
  • Fully managed SaaS & self-managed on-premise

Coming Soon!

Progressive Delivery Powered by Machine Learning

Integrate APM metrics and log events to verify the health of flags. Create automated triggers to turn off flags with undesired results, and progressively roll out features that meet requirements.

Control flag changes based on the health of the application automatically, making flag behavior smart and risk-free with less toil.

Flag Management with YAML & GitOps

Create and handle feature flags with full REST APIs, and store and manage flag configurations in Git as simple YAML files for easy versioning & audit across any preferred environments.

Integrate feature flags into existing developer workflows and get straight to shipping features.


Intelligent Feature Flags – Uniquely Harness

Accelerate engineering teams with intelligence, automation, and a developer-first experience.

Automated Pipelines + Progressive Delivery (Soon)

Templatize feature release strategies in visual pipelines. Leverage ML-based verifications to turn off problematic features or expand feature rollouts.

Native CI/CD Integration

End-to-end visibility and control from CI/CD to Feature Flags. Globally governed, managed, and audited, all in one place.

Developer-First Experience (Soon)

Harness brings developer experience to the forefront. Devs can integrate feature flags right into their workflows with YAML, GitOps, and config as code.

SaaS & On-Prem (Soon)

For those who prefer to have feature velocity in an air-gapped environment, Harness Feature Flags fully supports on-prem installations.

Scalable, Secure, Performant

First flag in 15 minutes. Sub-500ms flag toggle response time. Data security. Flag state caching to insulate from outages. Tailor-made to delight developers.

What’s Included in Harness Feature Flags

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