Continuous Verification

Automate Release Testing and Rollbacks using AI/ML

Automatic Release Testing Through Machine Learning

Don’t release code and pray that the app stays up. Use machine learning to know the real impact of all your deployments.

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Smart Rollbacks

When Harness senses a degradation in performance or quality, we can roll your application back to the previous working version — in seconds.

Auto-Verify Performance

Harness integrates with existing monitoring APM and observability tools (e.g. AppDynamics, New Relic, Datadog) to verify the performance of your deployments.

 Auto-Verify Quality

Harness uses event data from your logging tools (e.g. Splunk, Sumo Logic, ELK) to look for anomalous events and quality regressions.

24/7 Service Guard

Harness will continuously monitor the performance, quality and health of your apps across all your monitoring, observability and log tools, 24/7.

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Auto-Verify Custom Metrics

Use the Harness API to configure your own time-series metrics so you can verify deployments from any source.

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