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Intelligent Cloud Cost Management

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How Harness Cloud Cost Management Works

Intelligence and automation to slash cloud costs by 75%

Intelligent Cloud AutoStopping

Reduce cloud costs by up to 75% by dynamically shutting down idle cloud resources or automatically running them on fully orchestrated spot instances.  

Cloud Cost Business Intelligence

Unlock the value in your cloud cost data and provide deep insights to inform business decisions.

  • Granular visibility into cloud resource inventory (compute, storage, network, database)
  • Schedule reports and create custom alerts
  • Modern and customizable BI experience

Kubernetes Cost Management

Proactively drive accountability and reduce costs in K8s with deep visibility into resource utilization, and actionable recommendations with what-if analysis.

Cost Perspectives

Drive accountability and more effectively collaborate on cloud cost initiatives by attributing costs, forecasting spend, setting budgets, identifying waste, and applying recommendations across teams, projects, cost centers based on business context.

Integration with CI/CD

Provide easy access to cost data for developers, and integrate natively with Harness CI/CD to map costs to both prod and non-prod environments or deployed services with zero tagging. 

What’s Included in Harness Cloud Cost Management?

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Cloud Cost Management

There are several tools to choose from, however, only one was built with you, the end-user, in mind. The Harness Platform is a complete end-to-end solution for the modern cloud-based team.

Case Studies

Success Stories

Read how our customers saved $$$ on their cloud bill.
Saved 6-figures in Annualized Savings in 30 Days
“Lacked visibility into actual utilization and idle/ unallocated costs of Kubernetes clusters…During the first 30 days we saw 6 figure annualized savings.”
Reduced Cloud Spend by 80% in Minutes
“Our engineers are one-click away from accessing cloud cost data.”
Discover Dollar Saves 70% On Their Cloud Bill

“The total savings we’ve been able to bring in is easily 60-70% of our cloud bill.”
Want to reduce your cloud cost waste?
Empower your Engineering & Finance teams with intelligent cloud cost management today.